Physical Education

We aspire to be the standard-setter for PE in the E2 Cluster.

To develop students’ character and values through Sports and Outdoor Education, and impart to them the knowledge and skills to live a healthy lifestyle.


  • To develop students’ character, imbue in them sound values and help them realize their leadership potential through Outdoor Education; and
  • To equip students with the knowledge and skills in a variety of sports (Territorial/Invasion, Net/Barrier and Striking/Fielding games, and Track & Field events).


  • Games and Sports
  • Physical Health and Fitness
  • Outdoor Education
  • Health & Fitness Programme
  • Sports Day
  • Cross Country
  • Healthy Lifestyle Week
  • Sports Fiesta I & II
  • Adaptive Sports Fiesta
  • Sec 2 Outdoor Adventure Camp
  • Sports CCA Camp


Physical Education Programme

Weekly PE lessons of 4 periods and 2 periods are conducted each week for the Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary classes respectively. At the Lower Secondary level, our students learn the basic skills of a variety of sports games. When they move up to Upper Secondary, our students will be taught the gameplay tactics and strategies of the sports game they learnt previously.

On top of the Outdoor Education lessons during weekly PE lessons, the department’s Outdoor Education Programme includes an Abseiling Experience session for Sec 1 conducted during the post-exam period, the Sec 2 Outdoor Experiential Learning Camp and an Outdoor Adventure Race for the Sec 3 students.

Besides the games & sports and outdoor education lessons, the students also go through a series of Physical Health and Fitness lessons that are designed to equip them with the relevant sports-related knowledge to develop a good foundation in sports science.

With effect from 2018, Sec 3 Express and Normal Academic students who wish to study Physical Education at a deeper level may apply to take Exercise and Sports Science as a GCE ‘O’ Level subject.

Health & Fitness Programme

The H&F Programme for our overweight pupils is held once or twice a week during recess or after school. The members go through carefully planned cardiovascular activities/exercises to help them manage their BMI-For-Age. These sessions are usually conducted by SEP / HPB vendors or PE teachers.

Other Activities

These include the Sports Day, Cross Country, Adaptive Sports Fiesta, Healthy Lifestyle Week, Sports Fiestas I and II as well as a Sports CCA Camp.