Approach and Goals

We believe that every child has the ability to excel in Mathematics. We seek to deliver quality teaching, provide quality learning experiences and develop each child to produce quality academic results.

Our goals are to: 

(i) equip students with a strong Mathematics foundation so as to better prepare students and widen their post-secondary options in the Junior Colleges or Polytechnics,

(ii) nurture students to become confident and innovative problems solvers through perseverance and lifelong learning.

In line with our approach, we have customised the Mathematics curriculum and programmes. Students’ confidence in Mathematics and foundational algebraic and geometrical concepts and skills are developed through the lower secondary curriculum through curriculum and enrichment activities.

With effect from 2009, we will offer Additional Mathematics to all Secondary 3 Express and Normal (Academic) students. In addition, Normal (Academic) students are given to opportunity to offer O-Level Mathematics at Secondary 4.

We will also be exploring opportunities for curriculum integration to enable students to appreciate the connectedness of Mathematics to real-life and other disciplines. Programmes & Activities 2010

Integration of ICT into teaching and learning

  • Students are engaged in interactive ICT lessons through tools such as customised Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Geometer’s Sketchpad, Graphmatica and Fun with Construction
  • With effect from 2008, all Secondary 1 students will be equipped with skills of data collection and creation of graphs and charts with Microsoft Excel.
  • Since 2007, to engage students in independent learning, all Secondary 3 Express students have subscribed to Ace-Learning, an online e-learning Mathematics portal. Students have access to a large collection of video lessons, interactive activities and online question bank, enabling them to learn and self-assess themselves at their own pace outside school. In 2010, all students will be subscribed to the e-learning portal.

Collaborative Development of Lesson Packages & Lesson Study

  • With effect from 2008, all teachers participate in collaborative development of ICT lessons and lesson packages. Lesson packages developed are used across the entire level and continually reviewed.
  • All Secondary 1 and Secondary 2 teachers participate in Lesson Study, endeavoring to constantly improve teaching pedagogy and learning effectiveness in Algebra.

Enrichment Programmes

Academic Support Programmes

  • Sec 1 Rudimentary Programme
  • Sec 2 A Maths Preparatory Programme
  • Afternoon Study Programme
  • Remedial Lessons for weak students
  • June Intensive Revision Programme
  • Intensive Coaching Programme for graduating classes
  • November Sec 3 Bridging Programme


Fun with Maths and Science Carnival

Besides an element of fun being injected into this activity, it had somehow fostered greater team spirit among the students.

Having a successful run in 2008, the Fun with Maths and Science Carnival collaborated jointly by the Mathematics and Science department is back again as a post-exam activity in line with the school vision of lifelong learning. The YOG theme was incorporated this year to create greater awareness of the event and the value of gamesmanship. A total of 26 interesting and exciting games were thoughtfully prepared and executed by the Sec 2 Express students under the guidance of their teacher mentors. The participants were the Sec 1 students and the Sec 3 peer leaders who were attached to guide their juniors. It was a day filled with endless fun and thrills as the students enjoyed a series of specially designed ball games, throwing games, relay games, intellectual games and cooperative games involving elements of Mathematics, Science and YOG. As a form of encouragement, prizes were given to the top 3 winning teams from each level and a voting was done to vote for the 3 best games of the carnival in appreciation of the hard work put in by the Sec 2 students and their teacher mentors. The Fun with Maths and Science Carnival leaves us a lasting impression of a meaningful activity that infuses the understanding of mathematical and scientific concepts outside the classroom environment, empowering students with creativity and innovation and also develops leadership qualities and cooperative spirit among our students.

Fun with Maths and Science Carnival