Learning For Life Programme

BGSS Learning For Life Programme (LLP)

The school’s Learning For Life Programme (LLP) – Building Character and Values through Performing Art is implemented through the school’s performing arts programme (PAssion Programme) which focuses on the use of aesthetics as a platform for character development. The school’s arts programme aims to develop students to believe in themselves and grow to be confident people. Through the PAssion Programme, we hope to develop students’ creativity and critical thinking skills as important life-skills in the future. This in turns equips them to be active citizens of Singapore.

Our school PAssion Programme has three tiers – Exposure, Experience and Excellence. Our Arts Festival and Arts Assembly Programme provide the exposure for students to various art forms. The Aesthetic Programme for Lower Secondary which is embedded in the school’s curriculum, allows the Lower Secondary students to experience Drama, Dance and Music. The students have the opportunity to showcase their learning at the biannual Arts Festival.  We also organise the Class Act – a platform for every class to perform and showcase their talent to their peers. At the pinnacle of the tier – Excellence, our Performing Arts CCA students will go through a Talent Development Programme to further deepen their mastery in Singing, Dance, Drama and Music.

The table below provides the overview of BGSS student’s journey through our LLP:


The highlight of the school’s Passion Programme for the past 12 years is the biennial Brillante, our in-house musical to showcase the talents of both Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) students. The performances are opened to both students as well as the public.