ICT Vision

A community of competent and innovative ICT users

ICT Goals aligned to school’s Strategic Thrusts

1. To develop self-directed & collaborative learning skills among students through the use of ICT.
2. To encourage teachers to use varied strategies and approaches to engage students through the use of ICT.
3. To equip students with skills and knowledge to use ICT ethically & responsibly.
4. To create opportunities for teachers to lead, innovate, collaborate and share through the affordances of different ICT tools.

Curriculum & Assessment

  • ICT is infused into the school curriculum of core subjects. Students have the opportunity to use various ICT tools such as Mentimeter, Kahoot and Padlet, to enhance their learning in the classroom.
  • ICT is used in classrooms to provide authentic learning experiences for students as well as facilitating Assessment for Learning.
  • A school-wide ICT curriculum integration map is crafted and designed to guide all Instructional Programmes departments to infuse ICT into the curriculum.
  • Computer Applications is offered to all Normal Technical students. This is a compulsory subject which enables them to acquire basic software application skills to appreciate the use of computers in everyday life. Digital Art is offered to Secondary 3 Normal Technical pupils to introduce pupils to the use of technology in the creation of Art.ICT-Scratch

Student Development

  • All Secondary 1 and 2 students undergo Arduino coding training in the school’s Applied Learning Programme to develop creative and critical thinking skills among them.
  • The Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) portal is leveraged to provide quality, curriculum-aligned resources for students to learn anytime and anywhere.

Staff Development

  • Teachers form Professional Learning Teams to create quality lesson packages to engage students in learning. ICT tools are used to support curriculum integration, innovation, collaboration and sharing.
  • Regular sharing on the use of ICT in Teaching and Learning is conducted for teachers to share their ideas and experiences in using ICT to facilitate their classroom teaching practices.
  • The school conducts training for teachers to use the Teaching Processes in the Singapore Teaching Practice and SLS Pedagogical Scaffold to guide them in the planning of ICT-infused lessons.ICT-Arduino

Communications & Administration

  • The school staff uses ICON for email communication.
  • Announcements and feedback from staff and students are done through AsknLearn portal and BGSS Google Apps.

Infrastructure & Support

  • The school has 4 Computer Labs and 3 ITR rooms. Each classroom is equipped with a visualiser and LCD projector.
  • A team of ICT staff provides support on use of ICT with help from Class ICT Representatives (2 per class) to provide classroom support for teachers in the use of ICT equipment.