Humanities   Department

Vision: Thinking Pupils, Responsible Citizens


To provide opportunities where pupils would be able to:

  • Acquire & Apply Thinking Skills
  • Articulate Values
  • Be Resourceful
  • Develop a passion for learning
  • Appreciate and understand the environment that surrounds them



NUS Geography Challenge 2016

A group of students took part in the NUS Geography Challenge, an annual Geography competition organised by the National University of Singapore. They were tested on their Geography knowledge and skills with a focus on the theme, “Our Evolving Cities: People and Environment”. This exposes students to relevant geographical issues affecting cities in the world today, ranging from urban planning to sustainability.

In the preliminary round, Yin Sheng Cheng (4E1) achieved the gold medal and Michaelia Tan Tong (4E1) achieved the bronze medal. The team of three, including Nurhanisah Abdul Rahman (4E1), then proceeded into the Semi-Finals by emerging Top 50 among more than 100 schools.

In the Semi-Finals, the team decided to compare the transport management in Singapore and China and carried out research and fieldwork to collect data. They then presented their findings in a poster as shown below. Although they did not proceed into the Finals (Top 4), it was a great learning experience to explore Singapore independently as a team

Humanities bgss-poster-transport

NUS Geography Challenge 2016

NUS Geography Challenge 2016 pic 2

Sec 2 Historical Investigation 2016

Our Secondary 2 students took part in a field trip to Changi Chapel and Museum as part of their Historical Investigation programme. It was an eye-opening experience as the students found themselves transported back in time through the exhibits at the museum, to a time when the Japanese occupied Singapore. The exhibits displayed the state of affairs in Changi Prison as well as the way of life of the local people during the Japanese Occupation. This allowed students to see for themselves what both prisoners and locals went through during the war, making history come to life before them.

Sec 1 Science and Geographical Investigation 2016

Through the Sec 1 Geographical and Science Inquiry which seeks to extend the learning of Geography and Science beyond the classroom, students learnt to research on and investigate the impact of human activities on the environment by collecting and testing water samples at Bedok Reservoir.