Design & Technology

Design & Technology is a subject that enhances the creativity and problem-solving skills of students. Students learning are mainly self-directed and involves time management skills. Students will learn how to apply thinking skills, the elements of design and appreciate aesthetics in design.

 Design & Technology is compulsory for all Lower Secondary students and is optional at the Upper Secondary level.

Programmes & Activities

The Lower Secondary syllabus is designed to introduce students to the five stages of design. It gives a general overview of the subject content and skills that the students will learn during their first two years in school.

Students will practice basic sketching techniques, construct simple cardboard models, understand how a cam-and-follower mechanism works and know how to work with plastic and wood in the workshop. Students will create a simple product design of their ideas.

Lower Secondary

  • Five Stages of Design
  • 3D Isometric Sketching with Crating
  • Ideation and Development
  • Model making
  • Basic Mechanism (Cam-and-follower)
  • Working with Plastics (Basic)
  • Working with Wood (Basic)
  • Workshop Safety

The Upper Secondary syllabus covers an in-depth understanding of the five design stages. Students will have a basic understanding in Technology through the learning of Electronics, Mechanism and Structure theories.

They will be engaged in an extensive coursework preparatory programme in Secondary 3 in preparation for Secondary 4 examination. The coursework programme involves product design that solves authentic real-life problems.

Upper Secondary

  • Electronics, Mechanism and Structures Theory
  • Design Theory
  • Coursework Preparatory Programme
  • Practical Application of Soldering
  • Blow moulding and Vacuum forming techniques
  • Working with Plastics (In-depth)
  • Working with Wood (In-depth)
  • Ideation and Model making Design Elective Programme for Secondary 3 Normal Academic students
  • Workshop Safety
  • Syllabuses:

GCE O - Level 7051 Design & Technology
GCE N(A) - Level 7054 Design & Technology
GCE N(T) - Level 7053 Design & Technology