Applied Learning Programme

iInquire . iInnovate

Learning of Science goes beyond the acquisition of facts about the world. BGSS’ Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW) for Lower Sec attempts to infuse elements of problem solving of real-world issues related to science and technology. With the ALP, we seek to deepen and expand the programme using authentic transfer tasks to develop their critical and inventive thinking skills. This are in line with the school’s Learn-for-Life Framework which seeks to prepare them for future challenges.

Students will pick up skills on scientific inquiry and investigative processes, which includes:

  • Hypothesis forming
  • Collecting data
  • Data interpretation
  • Testing and evaluating
  • Forming conclusions

Students will also tackle scientific issues in real-world problems, e.g. environmental issues, and come up with credible solutions within the scope that they are able to accomplish. These would not only require the skills mentioned above, but would include:

  • Creative solutioning
  • Planning and scoping of deliverables
  • Journaling and portfolio preparation
  • Collaboration & communication

Through these, we hope that students gain an understanding of the impact scientific issues have on human societies, and hence that the above-mentioned skills are readily transferrable to broader issues in the humanities as well.

This programme starts from May of Sec One to May of Sec Two for duration of 1 year. Students undergo a 10 weeks course on Arduino, a microcontroller, and after which would build a prototype using it to solve a real world problem in one of the Environmental Science areas namely: land, air, water and global warming. Through design thinking and research analysis process, students will pick up basic prototyping skills in ideation and reformulation.

ALP Arduino

Students work in a project team of four members consisting of the leader, creative director, communication specialist and resource manager. This is to develop valuable skills in teamwork and learning to work with different personality types. ALP also seeks to build up students’ confidence in critical thinking, prototyping, writing proposals and presentation skills.

Their projects culminate at the annual Learning Festival where students display and present their prototypes, and vie for the best project!