Lower Secondary General Music Programme (GMP)

The Music programme at Bedok Green Secondary School aims to provide the students with the necessary skills to develop an informed and life-long involvement in music. Students will be given opportunities to expand their musical skills and ability for creative expression through music making activities in the classroom.

Through the various activities, we hope to provide a platform for students to hone their musical performing, creating and listening skills. In addition, students will be able to work on their other areas such as leadership, teamwork, time-management, cooperation, problem solving, organization and negotiation skills.

All Secondary 1 and 2 students are required to go through GMP. Lessons are conducted using the modular approach, alternating with Art to give the students a holistic aesthetic education where students are given the opportunity to express themselves through various art forms.

Sec 1 Express/NA/NT

The Secondary 1 students participated in a new course this semester involving their composition skills and psycho-motor skills – Music and movement; a collaboration between body percussion and dance. They had to use only their bodies to compose their own music to dance to.


BGSS Music_1


In their everyday lives, the students would have been exposed to many musical elements. Through this course, theoretical knowledge of these musical elements such as rhythm, metre and pulse can be reexamined and applied.


BGSS Music_2


The students had a hand in exploring the various types of sound they could create with their bodies and in organising these sounds to create their own musical performance. Dance facilitators were called in to impart knowledge on dance elements for the students to add into their musical performance to further captivate the audiences’ interests. All in all, we could see enhanced psychomotor and musical skills during their spectacular performance.


BGSS Music_3