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Subject-Based Banding

“To provide every child the opportunity to learn and develop the subject-specific strengths at a more demanding level.”
Subject-Based Banding

Subject-Based Banding (SBB) recognises the different abilities of students and allows the students to stretch their potential in the subjects that they are strong and have a keen interest in. Based on a student’s respective PSLE subject grade, a Normal (Academic) student may do certain subjects at the Express level. Similarly, a Normal (Technical) student may do certain subjects at the Normal (Academic) or Express level. Capped at 3 subjects which can be taken at a higher level, the subjects that are currently being offered are English Language, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue Languages.

At Secondary One, two other entry points are open for students to exercise the option to offer the subject at a higher level. At mid-year in Secondary One, students who have demonstrated the positive dispositions to handle the rigour and demand of subjects at a higher level may be offered the opportunity to do so. The other entry point is after the end of year examination in Secondary One. The overall performance of the students for the year will be taken into consideration.

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