Year Head System

A. Objectives
• To put in place a school-wide system to holistically manage and monitor the welfare of students.

B. Structure of Level System
• There would be a Year Head appointed for each level, namely Sec 1, Sec 2, Sec 3 and Sec 4 and 5.

Level / Stream Sec 1 Sec 2 Sec 3 Sec 4/5
Year Head in 2019 Miss Sheryl Seow Xue Ling Mr Ethan Tan Yang Hui

(Year Head Lower Sec)

Madam Salenah Bte Mohd Salleh

(cvg Year Head Upper Sec)

Mr Hafiedz-Ul Ashadi Bin Tamrin


The Year Head will

  • Identify and monitor potentially at-risk students for respective levels and work with the FTs, the respective IP departments, the Student Management Committee, Counselling Team, and partners (parents, external organizations) to ensure timely intervention actions are carried out;
  • Provide guidance and mentorship to Form Teachers of respective levels in identifying and addressing the needs of students of their Form Classes; and
  • Monitor the welfare of students for respective levels and work with the respective departments, and other CCDs, to implement relevant programmes specific for each level.

• The Level System would run together in parallel with the Counselling and Student Management system.