Student Safety is paramount in our mission as educators. Bedok Green Secondary put in place every feasible measure to ensuring the physical safety of our students.

Sports and Games during PE Lessons

Ensuring the safety of students during PE lessons begins at the planning stage. We designed our PE curriculum such that physical activities are introduced progressively and at a level appropriate to the individual or group. We arranged our school timetable such that PE lessons are conducted in the cool of the morning before 10:30 am. We also ensured equipment and facilities like the fitness corner, goalposts, courts and field are safe and well-maintained through regular checks.

We take a comprehensive approach in addressing the needs of individual students. Our PE Department uses the data collected from the Pupil Medical Record Forms to monitor the health status of students. During the conduct of lessons, PE teachers take note of students who are unwell (with medical certificates, letters from parents, students’ personal report, teachers’ observation) and exempt them from physical activities. We advise our students with asthmatic conditions to have their prescribed reliever medicine with them at all times. We advised our students to stop and rest if they feel tired, breathless or in pain. All PE teachers are trained in First aid and will provide first aid to our student when necessary.

Our PE teachers guide students through proper warm-up exercises before any physical activities. We briefed our students on the relevant safety measures before introducing any new and/or ad-hoc PE activities. When conducting prolonged and strenuous outdoor physical activities under hot weather, students have regular access to drinks before, during and after exercises to prevent heat injuries. We monitor the weather conditions when conducting physical activities outdoors using the mobile myENV apps designed by the National Environment Agency (NEA).

Sports and Uniformed Group (UG) CCAs

We take similar measures for students’ participation in Sports and UG CCAs. In addition to this, we makes use of MOE’s Risk Assessment and Management Systems (RAMS) to help identify risks and develop measures to mitigate risks for all CCA activities involving elements of risk. MOE’s safety guidelines for various activities or specific sports are strictly adhered to, e.g. conduct of water-based activities like canoeing.

We ensure all appointed CCA coaches meet the required qualifications e.g. NCAP Level 1, Standard First Aid certificate, past experience, etc. In addition, all staff are undergoing first aid training in phases, beginning with teachers who manage sports and UG CCAs.

Student Personal Accident Insurance Plan

We have purchased personal accident insurance plans for all our students. Please contact our General Office staff if you wish to have more details about the plan.

To find out more about Sports Safety, you can refer to the Singapore Sports Council  website.