3.2 Student Leadership Programme

Student Councillors


As the President of the Student Council of Bedok Green Secondary School from 2018 - 2019, I have had the opportunity of organising a wide range of  activities from council duties to camps, as well as the opportunity to attend external events like the National Day Rally 2018 as well as other leadership workshops.  These experiences have helped me grow from being a shy and timid boy to a confident voice representing the student body. I have learnt that being a leader is not about demanding compliance but one who listens to the opinions of others to pursue the worthy cause of a common good and I have learnt the value of empathy through care and concern for others. Because of student council, I have made a lot of friends from different backgrounds. Through it all, the unwavering support from the teachers have really made my job easier as I could take strong steps knowing that I always had the teachers to catch me if I fell.


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