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School Safety

School Emergency Evacuation Procedure

  1. Stop all activities once you hear the emergency bell (long blast).
  2. Listen carefully to all announcements and instructions. You will be asked to stop whatever you are doing and proceed to the Assembly Area

    The announcement made by Principal/Vice-Principal/HOD:
    “Stop whatever you are doing and proceed to the Assembly Area now.”

    All students are to:

    • Leave all belongings behind except identification documents (e.g. identity card and EZ-link card).
    • Assemble as a class in pairs outside the room and proceed to the assembly area in an orderly manner.

    Class Chairman is to:

    • Switch off all electric appliances (e.g. lights and fans).
    • Do a head count of the students.
    • Bring the class diary along to the assembly area.
    • Assemble at the Assembly Area in a straight line according to the class register number.
    • Check and report class attendance to the teachers on duty.
    • Keep class noise level to a minimum.
    • Listen attentively to all instructions given and assist the teachers and students accordingly.
  3. DO NOT lock the classroom.

School Emergency Evacuation Procedure


Guidelines on Safety and Health

Every student must exercise personal responsibility and good self-discipline to ensure his or her safety at all times:


  • Obey all road safety rules and signs at all times and especially when travelling to and from school.
  • Use the proper overhead bridge, pedestrian crossings and traffic light junctions.
  • Wait patiently for the Green Man, and check that all vehicles have stopped before crossing the road quickly.
  • Avoid walking or cycling on busy main roads.
  • Remove earplugs when cycling or crossing traffic junctions.
  • When on CCA trips or outings, instructions are to be obeyed at all times.
  • Remain indoors during a lightning warning alert.
  • Do not go near/into canals, storm sewers or reservoirs.



  1. Any student who develops flu-like symptoms or has a fever must:
    • See a doctor immediately.
    • Call to inform the school of the given period of medical leave.
    • Remain at home and not attend school or go out until he/she has fully recovered.
    • Call a buddy to find out about school assignments.
  2. All students must submit a Pre-Travel Declaration Form before they travel overseas.
  3. Every student must bring a working Oral Digital Thermometer to school daily as temperature-taking exercises may be conducted at any time.