Parent Support Group


  • Passion– For the growth and learning of our children.
  • Synergy– A collaborative partnership between parents & school
  • Growth–  To be the best parent we can be.


To work in partnership with teachers and parents to increase the level of school and community support through networking, information sharing and active volunteering to nurture and develop the parent’s role as stakeholders in our future generation’s education.


  • To support the school in carrying out the school activities.
    • To organize activities for parents, staff and students in line with the school’s strategic thrusts.
    • To provide a channel for open communication between parents and school.
    • To provide education and information to parents to assist in making informed decisions.

PSG Executive Committee Members

PSG Chairperson:         Mr Osman Kadir 

                                     Email :

PSG Vice Chairperson: Ms Hazna Md Esa 

                                     Email :

PSG Vice Chairperson: Mr Zulkifli Ahmad

                                     Email :

Secretary:  Mdm Ineke Nauli


                    Mr Pawan Kumar 


Treasurer: Mdm Irene Tan


                  Ms Alina Tan


Executive Committee Members:

  1. Mrs Rondon Pearl Dency Ballart
  2. Mdm Irene Tan Meng Choo
  3. Mrs Rose Do Thuy Hong
  4. Mr Md Juraimi Bin Buang
  5. Mdm Alina Tan Geok Hui
  6. Mdm Rachel Tan
  7. Mdm Adrelina See Toh Wei Sing
  8. Mr Osman Bin Kadir
  9. Mdm Ineke Nauli
  10. Mr KR Karthi Keyan
  11. Mr Zulkifli Bin Ahmad
  12. Mdm Allison Ngauw Huey Min
  13. Mdm Harfa Bte Abdul Karim
  14. Mdm Zanariah Bte Ahmad
  15. Mdm Iris Lim

For further queries , please contact at tel: 66463301 the following teachers :

Mrs Helen Lee                    ( ext. 132 )    Email :

Mdm Salenah Bte Md Salleh ( ext. 124 )    Email :

Objectives of FMS

– To  equip parents with effective parenting skills
– To train parents to be parent facilitators
– To help school staff to enhance their family life
– To provide students with life skills training

For further queries, please contact :

Ms Summi Parmar (FMS Coordinator)
Email :
HP : 86528135