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Our Staff Achievements


Mdm Nur ‘Abidah Binte Abdul Rahman

Anugerah Arif Budiman Perangsang (AGAB 2015)

Over the years, I have come to realise that what keeps me going are my students and my colleagues.

Love the ones you teach, even those that can make it seem impossible. To win the  hearts and minds of our students is at times a challenge; you will be very surprised at how love brings out the best not in just in students but in yourself too.  It’s cliché, but love conquers the hardest hearts.

My greatest challenge is to make students see the relevance of the Malay Language in the globalised world, especially when students feel that other languages such as English, French or German have precedence as being regarded as economically valuable. Once a student joked that Malay Language is only used for selling dodol (Malay sweet delicacy).

Inspired by the dynamic energy of colleagues in my Mother Tongue Language Department, I am always finding myself rekindling and reigniting my passion for the Malay Language.


Mrs Tang-Lee Choon Tien

EcoFriend Award, Educational Category, 2014

This award is given by National Environment Agency (NEA) to recognize and acknowledge the green efforts of individuals towards our Clean and Green environment.

While I was honoured to receive the EcoFriend Award, more importantly, the credit actually goes to the staff and students who actively supported the various eco-initiatives organized. The green messages are often heard but it needs to reach the heart to effect any change. I believe the most effective way to inculcate the green values is to nurture and empower our youths to impact other youths. My greatest satisfaction is to witness the members develop their confidence as Environmental Champions and stepping forth to initiate green projects for their peers and the community. Many have brought honour to the school through their participation in competitions and community outreach projects and some continued their green involvement even after graduation.

My dream is for everyone to adopt the 3Rs in environmental conservation as a lifestyle. Everyone can and need to play his part in conserving our environment. The time to act is now.


Mr Leow Wee Meng Frankie

Outstanding Computing Teacher Award 2018

It is the connections and interactions that I have with my students that inspire me and keep me passionate about my subject. I believe that between a student’s aspirations and fulfilment lies a teacher. Hence, I want my students to experience success in their learning of the computer applications curriculum and to be able to transfer this learning not only across subjects, but beyond school and into their life. Although success, is not the same for, and mean differently for everyone, but I believe all teachers are the lighthouses that guide and nurture our students to enjoy what they are learning, overcome whatever challenges they might face and find their own paths towards success. And it is this sense of satisfaction that I have when I know that through my role as a teacher, I made a difference to my students’ life and helped them to believe in themselves and grow, makes it all worthwhile.


Mr Lee Beng Wah

President’s Award for Teachers (PAT) 2013

Mr Lee Beng Wah is HOD/CCE at Bedok Green Secondary School. He is known for his commitment to his profession and his care for his students. He strongly believes that every educator is in a position to make a difference. As a passionate educator, Mr Lee seeks to pass on the love and appreciation of Literature to his students by making his lessons come alive and engaging them in role-playing and learning about poetry through song lyrics.

Mr Lee commands a high level of respect from his students and is able to influence them positively. He shares with his students his life experiences and encourages them to adopt a positive attitude towards life. "I believe that we reach out to students not just through our subjects, but even in our daily interactions with them," said Mr Lee, who treasures the moments of interaction with his students along the hallways, in the canteen or even when he bumps into them outside of school. "These are the moments when I would pause to talk to students and find out how they are doing. It's not just about their studies, but their lives as a whole. It takes time, effort and energy but this is what we as teachers do," said Mr Lee.

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