Alumni Achievements

Our Alumni Achievement

A group of 12 alumni from the Class of 2005, returned to BGSS on 22 June to reminisce their days as students in BGSS. They turn 30 this year and are successful in their own ways. We asked them some interesting questions about their experience in BGSS about 15 years ago and below are their responses.

What are your most memorable experiences in BGSS?

Surprisingly, they were the little discipline moments we had back in BGSS. For example, the “scoldings” we got during morning assemblies. Looking back, we are glad that we had such strict discipline during our mischievous days.

How have you benefitted from the education you received in BGSS?

Education does not come from textbooks alone. We learnt many valuable life lessons from teachers, peers and CCAs. We also learnt about loyalty, resilience, how to make the right choices in life and to be responsible for our actions. We also made valuable friends! Most of our closest friends now came from BGSS!

What advice do you want to give to the students in BGSS?

Make good friends and stick with them through your adulthood. Look beyond the few years of secondary education and focus on what you want to achieve in life but enjoy the present. Build strong academic skills and competencies and cultivate a positive mindset so that you ready for the world.

What do you want to say to the teachers who had taught you?

Passionate teacher makes a difference. Thank you, teachers, and we wish you excellent health! Most of us have become parents and team leads in the workplace, which made us realise and understand your advice and guidance given to us back then.


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