4.2 Our Academic Achievements

Our Academic Achievements

2018 GCE N Level Examination

  • 7 subjects with 100% passes [Malay(NT), Malay(NA), Science(NT), A Math, D&T, English Language(NA), Food & Nutrition]
  • 12 subjects with % passes above national average [Malay(NT), Malay(NA), CPA, English Language(NT), English Language(NA), Maths(NT), Science(NT),     A Math, D&T, Food & Nutrition, SS(Hist), Science(Chem&Bio)]
  • 80% qualify for 5NA, 71% for Direct Entry Scheme to Poly (DPP), 13% for Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP).

2018 GCE O Level Examination

  • 7 subjects with 100% passes [Additional Math, Chinese Language, Malay Language, Higher Malay Language, Humanities (SS, Lit), History, Physics]
  • 16 subjects with % passes above national average [Math, A Math, Chinese, Malay, Higher Malay, D&T, Food & Nutrition, Art, Principles of Accounts, History, Humanities(SS,Lit), Humanities(SS,Hist), Humanities(SS,Geo), Science(Phy,Chem), Chemistry, Physics]
  • 71% qualifies for Pre-U and 92% qualifies for Polytechnic.

Success Stories

Isaiah Ng Zi Xuan, 4E1 2018, currently at Temasek Junior College  

What is your most memorable experience in BGSS? 

My most memorable experience would be our newspaper collection as part of the school’s Values In Action (VIA) programme. I remember knocking on doors, to collect newspaper and old clothing we asked the residents to prepare beforehand. The fun part was definitely having my friends and I discuss on who should approach the residents because we felt so awkward and shy to do so. During the activity, we actually met former students of BGSS. We ended up having a short chat and found out that they still keep in touch with teachers in BGSS. I was warmed by how the alumni still had such strong feelings for BGSS. 

What contributed to your success in BGSS? 

The teachers and my friends. The teachers were like my mentors. Whenever we faced challenges, I remember the teachers giving us insighton how we could do things better. They had also treated me as if I were one of their own children and looked after me and gave me advice. This made me push myself to want to be better to not let them down. My friends were also the ones who spurred me on during tough times. We had fun together, we did projects together and we got scolded together. These were the times when we supported each other and reflected on ourselves and each other. 

How have you benefitted from the education you received in BGSS? 

The education in BGSS for me was one which helped me build myself in other areas. Academically I was already in good hands. The most important education to me were the life lessons I took away on how I can live my life better. These lessons include how I could organise myself and my time better, how to overcome difficult and stressful periods of my life, and even just how to be a better person who cares for the people and environment around me. 

What advice do you want to give to the students in BGSS? 

Find meaning in what you do. Not everything is just a menial task for you to finish. Studies will help you achieve what you want, not just for you (in terms of personal fulfilment) but for the environment and the people around you (in terms of your job and its impact on others). Completing projects are a way to prepare you for your interactions with people in the future. CCA develops you mentally and emotionally and makes you aware of what matters most in the world. 

I remember one small but impactful exchange I had with a lower secondary student when I was in secondary 3. The boy said "What's the point in doing anything if I'm going to die anyway. There's no need for me to do homework or come to school" I thought for a moment. Then I realised. "It's not about what happens in the end. Everyone dies in the end. But what matters is what you do in between life and death. So if you don't do anything, you'll just be wasting your life" 

So my question is: What will you do while you're alive? Therefore, find meaning in what you do 

What do you want to say to the teachers who have taught you? 

No amount of words or actions can represent the enormous amount of gratitude I have for you being an influence in my life. You have moulded and shaped me and been my moral compass. Thank you. 

What does "Believe & Grow" mean to you? 

To me it means to have an ever-growing mindset. "Believe" to me is to set expectations and to push yourself to achieve that, to trust in your capabilities, circumstances and the people around you. "Grow" to me is the process after you've tried. Maybe it worked and maybe it didn't. But either way, one has to engage in self-reflection to learn what has happened and what has past, and place that into your present and future 

 What is your aspiration / what do you want to become in the future? 

I wish to become an educator. 

It is the same-- if not more-- experience and lessons I got from my teachers that I want to pass down to my students. I want them to be impacted the way my teachers and mentors have impacted me, making me who I am today. 

Yeo Owen, 4E3 2018, currently at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Electronics and Computer Engineering 

How have your years at BGSS impacted you?  

The school has given me opportunities to learn through the different STEM competitions outside of school, such as the future transport challenge and m-bot challenge, both of which introduced me to programming and robotics. I found these really fascinating and these experiences helped to develop my interest in engineering. 

Our school motto, “Believe and grow”, is on our school crest, but what does it actually mean? The opportunities given to me in the four years here allowed me to believe in my abilities and gave me greater confidence. It also taught me to believe that others could excel too if they grabbed the chances given to them.  To grow is to learn from one another and from our own mistakes that we make so as to better ourselves. The teachers in the school really did believe in all of us, hence helping us to grow throughout our 4 years here. For all that the school has done for me and my schoolmates, we are truly grateful.  

What are the best memories you have of BGSS? 

I regard the four years spent here in Bedok Green a great blessing and I have many wonderful memories of the time spent in this school. If I have to single out any one most memorable experience, it would have to be the times I spent on my CCA, which was Softball.  Being part of the Softball team, gave me the opportunity to learn many things and it also allowed me to forge many great friendships. I am also very appreciative that I was given the chance to represent the school in different competitions each year. While it was stressful at times, it helped us be tougher and well, definitely more resilient. My teammates and I remember the camaraderie and fun times we had.  CCA times were truly the best.  

One other thing that made my time here so good was the support I got from good friends who encouraged and helped me in class, especially when I was careless doing Math. All this aided me in my studies all the way till the final few moments before the exams started. I would like to thank the teachers for being so patient with my class and for spending so many afternoons coaching my classmates and me during the consultation sessions especially during the precious last few weeks before our O levels. A special thanks to my D&T teachers for guiding my class throughout the 8 months and for staying back late on many occasions to allow us to use the Technology room for our coursework. 

Kwek Si Yu, 4T1 2018, currently at ITE College East 

How have your years at BGSS impacted you? 

once thought that being a Normal Technical student would mean that I would not get good results and the teachers might not be very good. However, after I get into Class 1T1 in 2015, I realised things weren’t as bad as I expected. The teachers were very strict towards us because they wanted us to leave a good impression on other people. They tried their very best and took their time to let us have extra lessons to help us in our studies. This gave me the motivation to study. 

What are the best memories you have of BGSS?  

I remember one of my teachers coming to class with a big cake which had a picture of our class printed on it! This was a pleasant surprise to help us celebrate our graduation. That’s the most memorable time I have of my four years in Bedok Green Secondary School! 

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