Level Programmes

Secondary 1 Camp Sprite

Camp SPRITE is an annual signature event for Bedok Green Secondary 1 students. Sec 1 students stayed overnight in school to go through a list of activities that helps them build teamwork and learn school’s RICH values. Students learnt about the value of resilience, integrity, compassion and humility through the various dry and wet games that were specially thought up by the alumni committee. The alumni facilitated students’ learning and build up the spirit of the students which was later showcased during the campfire. Sec 1 students did us proud by showing off their talents as a class in front of their parents, teachers and schoolmates. Keep up the good spirit, Sec 1!

BGSS Camp Sprite

Secondary 2 Outdoor Adventure Camp

The Secondary 2 Outdoor Adventure Camp is an annual signature event for Bedok Green Secondary Two students. The camp is a culmination of what students learn during their lower secondary outdoor education lessons and the students experienced a variety of other outdoor adventure activities such as High Elements, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Rafting, Outdoor Cooking as well as a Land Expedition. The activities culminated in a campfire on the 3rd night as students and teachers had the opportunity to bond and exhibit teamwork and other qualities through the 4-day 3-night camp. Students participated heartily in all the activities and were able to learn the school values of Resilience, Integrity, Compassion and Humility.

Secondary 2 Outdoor Adventure Camp

Level-based VIA programmes

Sec 1: Food packing at Food from the Heart (FFTH)

To emphasize the inculcation of values through community involvement, the focus for the Secondary 1 students for VIA is on raising the awareness to care for other people.

As such, the school organised food packing activities for all Sec 1 classes at FFTH, with the objective of helping our students gain a better understanding of the social needs of the needy as well as to bond with their new classmates. Beneficiaries from FFTH are either single parent families with one parent either deceased, in prison or in drug rehabilitation centres; single mothers; families with a member facing costly, long term medical issues; or families with a breadwinner who is unable to work due to an accident or illness.

To provide further support for FFTH, the Secondary One classes were also scheduled to carry out Project Kan, an initiative to carry food drive at Fairprice (Bedok North) to encourage shoppers to purchase non-perishable items to be donated to FFTH for their monthly distribution.

Sec 2: Understanding the elderly

To instil a sense of empathy in our students to care for the elderly and also to create an awareness of hospice and palliative care, the school participated in the Hospice Care Association (HCA) Young Caregiver Programme. Students attended the workshops, A Touch of Love and Don’t Know, Don’t Care, which served to remind the, the good values of showing care and love for our family, especially the elderly.

Following the workshop, the students worked as a class and planned activities that were carried out at Lion’s Home for the Elders and THK Nursing Home.

Sec 3: Overseas VIA at Batam / Bintan

To help our students understand the social needs and concerns of the community and develop a sense of appreciation for what they have in Singapore by showing empathy for the less privileged, the Secondary 3 students went to Batam / Bintan to visit the orphanages and schools. Our students carried out activities such art & craft and science experiments for the children.


The school organised the annual Recycling Day for the Secondary 4 and 5 classes at the HDB flats in the vicinity of the school. Besides promoting recycling and environmental awareness, this activity also aims to enable students to understand the social needs of the school community, as well as to give back to the school.

At BGSS, other than level-based VIA programmes, we also provide many opportunities for our students to take ownership of their VIA journey, by encouraging them to sign up for ad-hoc VIA projects and programmes that we have with our community partners such as Kampong Chai Chee Community Club, Very Special Arts Singapore and NEA.