Bedok Green Secondary School moved into its new premises on 31 of December 2002. Since we first opened our doors in the holding school on 2 Jan 2001, the size of our teaching staff has grown from the original 14 to the current 88 in 2010. Our pupil enrolment has also increased from 400 in 2001 to 1420 by 2 Jan 2010. The school has been under the leadership of four dynamic Principals, Mrs Song Geok Hua (2001-2004), Madam Tay Siok Hwa (2005-2011),  Mr Lim Yu Kee (2012-2018) and the school is now helmed by Mr Boy Eng Seng (2018 to present).

Official Opening of Bedok Green Secondary School 4 July 2003

BGSS school building

Guests were entertained to a play, ‘Once Upon a Bedok Green – the Diamonds Within’ which linked our CCA groups and encapsulated the ideals of loyalty, integrity, wisdom, kindness and honour through the story of five friends who journeyed through five different lands to look for five precious stones to defeat a furry black creature which was destroying the peace of their village. They finally achieved their objective by working as a team and defeating the creature because they believed in their own ability to succeed.

The other highlight of the day was an exhibition entitled ‘An Ethnic Kaleidoscope’ which was an exhibition of wedding and birth customs. The Pupil Activity Centre fondly called “The Sanctuary” by our students was also declared open on that day by Mr Raymond Lim our Guest of Honour. The sanctuary is a safe haven for students to indulge in healthy leisure activities.