Principal's Message

Roger Bannister was a middle-distance athlete. At the age of 23, he believed that he could run a mile (1.61 km) in under 4 minutes - a feat that had never been performed by any man. Everyone believed it was unachievable. Many doctors advised Bannister against the attempt as it was deemed physically impossible for the human body and he might seriously hurt himself in the process. Bannister believed otherwise and he continued to train hard. On 6 May 1954, at Iffley Road track in Oxford, Bannister made his attempt. When the announcer declared, “The time was three … “ the cheers of the crowd drowned out Bannister’s exact time, which was 3:59.4. Bannister had proven everybody wrong. What was even more amazing, Bannister’s record was broken in just 46 days by John Michael Landy with a time record of 3:57.9. Subsequently, many athletes started to attempt the run and records were broken numerous times. Today, the record is held by Hicham El Guerrouj with the timing of 3:43.13. Bannister’s belief had not only enabled him to accomplish the impossible, but also inspired many to do likewise and to even outperform him.

Bannister had shown us the power of belief.

As our school motto is Believe and Grow, may this story remind us to not stop believing in ourselves and our dreams. With the help of our families, teachers and friends, may we continue to grow in more ways than we thought we could, and in the process, inspire many others to believe and grow as well!

Mr Boy Eng Seng