3.2 Student Leadership Programme

House Leaders


It has been a fruitful experience serving as the Topaz House Captain. The experience allowed me to learn and exercise many leadership skills. My team and I accomplished many things during our time. We organised the first Topaz Day for the house. The event was well-received by our fellow Topaz members and the teachers.  Organising and planning this event was not an easy feat but it helped to unite the house and as a result we were able to win the house championship for Cross Country Competition this year.

As the House Captain, I had to juggle between CCA , studies and the House events. It was very stressful, however, I learnt that it is important for everyone to work together in order to fulfil the full potential of the team. Without the support and assistance from my peers and teammates as well as my teachers, it would have been impossible to lead the House on my own.