Subject-Based Banding (SBB)

Subject-Based Banding (SBB)

  • Bedok Green Secondary School is one of the 12 prototype schools which piloted subject-based banding with Sec One students beginning in 2014

Objectives of SBB

  • Allow each and every student to excel further in areas of his/her strength and find fulfilment in his/her learning
  • Based on the respective PSLE subject grade,
    • Normal (Academic) students may be offered to do certain subjects at the Express level
    • Normal (Technical) students may be offered to do certain subjects at the Normal (Academic) or Express level
    • Preferably no more than 3 subjects at higher level to allow students to cope better

Information for 2019 Secondary 1 Cohort

During Sec One Posting

  • Criteria based on PSLE results


  For N(A) & N(T) students   A*, A: Option to offer Express-level subject
  For N(T) students   B, C or Grade 1: Option to offer N(A)-level subject


  • Process for taking up option
    • Eligible students would be given an option letter for respective subjects during Sec One Registration
    • Up to 26 Dec 2018 (Wed) to indicate interest to take up option with the school
    • Need not take up option if the student does not wish to do so

After Sec One Posting

  • Students offering higher level subjects to sit for the same examinations for those subjects with the students of the higher stream
  • Offering higher level subjects
    • Students who are not offered SBB in end-2019 but perform well in specific subjects subsequently may be offered higher level subjects
    • Offer generally made at middle or end of academic year, ie at the middle/end of Sec 1
    • Students would need to have clear strength in the specific subject, and able to cope with studies overall
  • Reverting from higher level subjects
    • Students who are unable to cope could be advised to switch back to the subject at a lower level