One unique aspect of wushu is that it can be classified as both a sport and an art. As a sport, do you know what makes it unique? You start it off by practising ‘horse stance’, a posture similar to riding a horse. After mastering this basic foundation, you will practise a set of routines which may involve the use of props such as spears and swords.

Wushu is a form of Chinese martial art. So, in what way is Wushu an art? Practising a routine, which can be done individually or in a group, involves the movement of one’s body, arms and legs. For the group routine, instrumental music accompanies the choreography during the performance. Hence, you can find elements of art in Wushu!

Students in the CCA are also given opportunity to pick up skills in lion dance. This activity promotes cultural awareness and understanding among the different races in our society.