NCC (Land)

“Training to be soldiers! Fight for our land!”

Ever wondered how it feels like to be a soldier? To engage in urban operations and handle advanced weapons such as the SAR-21 assault rifle? To put on a smart looking No. 4 uniform and execute sharp and precise drills in a parade?

In BGSS, an NCC cadet is “Cadet Strong”, with a resilient mind, fit body and committed heart. All our cadets will be provided with a holistic experience that enhance their adventurous spirit and develop their leadership and teamwork skills.

Over their four years, every cadet will undergo an exclusive series of outdoor adventure activities, camps, survival courses, water sports, as well as opportunities to handle advanced weapons. Not only will they be exposed to these fun and challenging activities, the weekly trainings will also mould and instil discipline and resilience in them.

In addition, cadets who enjoy performing and showcasing their creativity will also get to learn and join the Precision Drill Squad, where they can bring their rifle handling skills to a whole new level!