Infocomm Club

Do you write letters or send out emails? Do you plough through books in the libraries for information or through a quick click on the internet? Can you find someone without a smartphone, a tablet or a computer around you? Can you imagine being ‘left behind’ by everyone in this ever-advancing world where the advent of technology today is surging through all spheres of life? With technology revolutionizing and transforming the way we live, work and play, who could be spared from the clutches of technology?

It is definitely beneficial to pick up new technological knowledge and skills so as to be ready as Singapore progresses towards being a Smart Nation, to keep abreast with 21st Century competencies, or even to impress others and to open up new career opportunities.

Learn how to take better photographs and edit interesting videos that you can put to good use to impress your friends and future boss, or even be a professional event photographer. Acquire useful audio visual (AV) skills so that you could support family or social events. Build up your coding skills with Apple Swift Playground and learn to control a robot or Sphero. This might earn you the next inventor award!

With more (technological) knowledge comes greater power and opportunities!