Environment Club

Every now and then, Mother Earth is dying. Marine animals are swallowing tons of plastic and suffocating to death. Global warming is growing to be a pressing issue that we should be addressing.

But how many of us actually take action to do something, make a change and stop Mother Earth from taking another step to her grave? Well, the students of the Environment Club take innovative and interesting steps to save the Earth.

What one would consider as trash is a treasure to our members. For example, an orange peel that would usually be tossed away is recycled into a bio-detergent. Also, as you take a stroll along the corridors of our school, you are greeted with an array of flowers, fruits and vegetables, many of which are edible and have health benefits. This is the work of some of our green enthusiasts. Activities go beyond the school community as our members get to kayak out to the sea to collect trash and save marine life from further harm.

After all, the Earth is what we all have in common.