Drama Club

[Spotlight on centre stage]

In Drama, we step into the lives of people; to tell their stories. This art form is more than just reciting lines while on stage. It is the power and responsibility in sharing with the audience the life of a character. It puts our emotions to the test as we empathise with and understand the perspectives of people around us.

We are never a one-man-show. Every performance is a joint effort of directors, stage managers, lights, sound, costumes, props, and sets that works towards a common goal – to tell a story that touches and inspires.

At BGSS, we have a Black Box that serves as a canvas, or even, a portal into another world. Equipped with light and sound consoles that emulate that of professional theatres, it allows us to produce creative dramatization and direction of original stories.

So come and embark on a journey of self-discovery and bring out the kaleidoscope of talent that resides in you.

[End scene]