Since ancient times, singing has existed in all cultures. Primitive vocalizations were mostly composed of sighs, cries, grunts, and howls, but even these vocal utterances have with it a little touch of music. The human voice is therefore a musical instrument that most of us have.

Choral singing is wonderful for our mind, body and soul as it offers a way to channel our emotional energy into something beautiful. Many song lyrics tell a story or convey a message. When we pay attention to the lyrics and try to bring the meaning of the narrative alive, we find ourselves expressing a range of emotions. We also learn to appreciate other cultures and sing songs in many languages.

At VOX BRILLANCE, we sound richer together than on our own. Performing songs with others is a real pleasure, especially when we sing together in harmony, for it gives us a euphoric feeling. It is a wonderful feeling to see the audience smile, gently nodding their heads and tapping their feet to the beat as we sing.