Do you know that Badminton is the fastest of all racquet sports? Players can hit the shuttlecock at speeds of up to 493 kilometres per hour. Thus, in Badminton, speed could win you the game. Just imagine playing against someone who sends a shuttlecock racing across the court faster than a Formula One car! If you are interested in racquet games that require speed, strength and precision, then you are looking at the right CCA.

In the Badminton CCA, we believe in equipping players with basic badminton skills through the bi-weekly training sessions and the various tournaments as well as friendly matches throughout the year. Besides learning the fundamentals and mastering the technical competencies required of the sport, CCA members are also given opportunities to develop their leadership skills by planning and organising the Secondary One CCA fair, training camps and value-in-action activities. Playing Badminton is fun, engaging and definitely more fulfilling than playing computer games. But it also takes a lot of discipline and hard work to train for the internal and external competitions. So come join us and stay active and fit throughout your secondary school life!