Values In Action

Values in Action (VIA)

Values in Action @ BGSS is about developing the heart to care for other people. These projects  are    learning    experiences   that   support  students’  development  as   socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community.

VIA@BGSS aims to inculcate in students the school values of Resilience, Integrity, Compassion and Humility, as well as the CCE values of Respect, Responsibility, Care and Harmony. The learning experiences also aim to instill in students the responsibility in caring for those in need and to provide students with the skills necessary to achieve their goals.

  1. What are VIA activities?
  2. VIA projects planned by the school/CCA
    b. Student-initiated projects that serve the school community or the community at large
  3. If students have participated in some form of volunteer work on their own arrangement (as listed at 1(b)), they could submit the following information, together with supporting documents e.g. letter from the external organization, to Subject Head/Values in Action (VIA) to update their record  in the category “Service” of LEAPS.
Name of beneficiary / Nature of VIA Activity


(e.g. volunteer work at a children’s home or Senior Activity Centre, participant at International Coastal Clean-up Singapore, museum volunteer guide at Singapore Art Museum, food packing and distribution, etc)

A Description of VIA Activity:
Date(s) of VIA Activity:  
Number of Hours to be awarded:  
Name of organization that organized the VIA:  
Submitted by:

Full Name of Student & Class

Date Submitted:  

VIA Programmes @ BGSS


Secondary Semester 1 Semester 2
1 Food Packing at Food from the Heart Food Drive in School
2 Elderly Befriending Programme Elderly Befriending Programme
3 Overseas VIA (Group 1) Overseas VIA (Group 2)
4/5 Newspaper Recycling