Student Leadership

Student Leadership Development Programme

The school’s Student Leadership Development Programme aims to provide ample opportunities for our students to realise their leadership potential through the varied activities that take place in the school, as such, developing a sense of responsibility and exercising initiative to play an active role in school and the community.

Nurturing the students to take on leadership opportunities is a whole-school approach, as indicated in the school’s strategic thrust that emphasises on providing differentiated leadership training and developing leadership potential for all levels and segments of student leaders.


The approach adopted by the school is:

1. To develop a structured and comprehensive training programme to provide basic leadership training for all the students, with different skills emphasized at different levels and provide opportunities for hands-on experiential learning
2. To ensure that student leaders are monitored and guided effectively through proper training and service to school and community
3. To allow for the appropriate training and selection of student leaders for different needs (e.g. Student Councillors, CCA Leaders, Class Leaders) so as to facilitate pupils’ competence in executing their respective duties and leadership roles

There are basically four segments of student leaders in the school. Students with leadership potential are then deployed accordingly. The four segments of student leaders are:

1. Subject Representatives
2. Class Leaders
3. CCA Leaders
4. Student Council

All four segments of student leaders are equally important and that they represent the different avenues for students to apply the leadership skills learnt and to develop their leadership skills to serve the school and the community.

1. Subject Representatives
These leaders are given opportunities to assist the various subject teachers and to lead the rest of the class through the different subject areas that they are involved in.

2. Class Leaders
The class committee members take on the responsibility of assisting the form teachers and subject teachers in promoting the welfare of the class and to organise activities that will help to build the class spirit. Eg Helping to coordinate the class VIA activities and International Friendship Day lessons.

3. CCA Leaders
These students play a crucial role in assisting the CCA teachers in the planning, organising and executing of the CCA programmes. They are also involved in major school activities such as the CCA Recruitment Drive, Sports Fiesta and various CCA camps.

4. Student Council
Other than assisting in the maintenance of the school discipline through their daily duties, the Student Council also organises and manages major school events such as Secondary One Orientation Programme, Student Leaders Investiture, Youth Day celebration, Teacher’s Day celebration, Dance Mania, BGSS Idol and many others. They also assist as in the running of various major school functions such as Speech Day and Meet the Parents Sessions.

The Student Council also initiates projects to promote the welfare of the student population such as organising community projects, Learning Journeys for different student segments and Inter-Class bonding activities to improve peer relationships among students and teacher-student relationships.

Secondary 1 – Personal
Secondary 2 – Team
Secondary 3 – Servant
Secondary 4 – Inspiring


Secondary 1 – Personal Leadership
Secondary 2 – Team Leadership
Secondary 3 – Servant Leadership
Secondary 4 – Inspiring Leadership