Citizenship Education

The Citizenship Education Programme in BGSS has evolved from an event based programme to a values-based one. In addition to observing the Key NE Days, the school also emphasizes the articulation & translation of the school’s values – Resilience, Integrity, Compassion & Humility which supports the 6 NE messages.


A community that cares, shares & learns together.

The Citizenship Education Programme in the school works alongside the school framework in the planning of school & department programmes. One main theme is focused on for each term of the year. The themes for the various terms are: Self, Family & Friends, Country & Community & Future Challenges.

Commemoration of the 4 NE Days

Total Defence Day 

Members of the Uniformed Groups took part in a parade to commemorate Total Defence Day. In addition, students engaged in conversations during CCE lessons.

International Friendship Day 

As part of the International Friendship Day celebrations, students shared with their peers and teachers their experiences during the various overseas trips organised by the school. In addition, some our International Students also shared some interesting accounts of life in their respective home countries.

Racial Harmony Day 

As part of Racial Harmony Day Celebrations, students engaged in conversations about our pledge and the importance of fostering racial and religious harmony. Students also went through newspaper articles from the ST Special Edition In addition, students were encouraged to bring symbols that reflected racial and religious harmony which they used in their discussions on racial and religious harmony.

National Day 

The school celebrated our nation’s 51st year of independence with the theme of ‘Building Our Singapore of Tomorrow’. “Building” implies that nation-building is a continuous endeavour and that the journey towards our future can be realised with hard work. “Our Singapore” invokes in Singaporeans a sense of belonging and rootedness to the country and our future. “Tomorrow” is forward looking and connotes the start of the next chapter post SG50. Taken together, the theme is a call to action for Singaporeans to build our future together.

The uniformed groups, students and teachers who were dressed in red, stood proudly at the Parade Square for the National Day Observance Ceremony. The parade commander, Staff Sergeant Jonathan Ng Junming from Sec 3E1 led the contingents while 3rd Sergeant Mohamad Danish Danial B.R. from 3N2 led the school in the National Day reflections.  In addition, the class mascot competition which focused on the theme of local food was held. Students from the various levels designed class mascots which depicted local drinks, desserts and food.  Students were treated to a special concert which was in the format of a game show to highlight the unique features of Singapore. The concert included a special montage of students and teachers in their singing to the lyrics the catchy  National Day Song for 2016- Tomorrow’s here today. The concert ended on a high note with everyone singing to one of favourite National Day songs- “Home”.

National Day

Celebration of Festivals

Chinese New Year and  Hari Raya Puasa 

To celebrate our rich heritage, concerts were held for Chinese New Year and Hari Raya. Students from the various performing arts groups took the opportunity to showcase their talents as well as to express their joy in the celebration of Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Puasa. Students and teachers took the opportunity to share their festive goodies and share their joy with the less needy. 

Chinese New Year

Hari Raya Puasa