Malay Dance

Vision and Mission

To develop learned and competent Malay dancers who are committed and self-disciplined.

CCA Teachers

Ms Ruqayyah Binte Mohamed Idrus Z (IC)

Miss Nurshafiqah Bte Mohamed Shadiq (2IC)

Mdm Siti Aishah Bte Mohd Jamaludin

Main activities and competitions

Here at Malay Dance BGSS, we aim to inculcate a high level of discipline and commitment in our Malay Dancers. Students have an opportunity to experience both Traditional and Contemporary Malay Dance techniques.

Students are taught basic make-up and hairdo skills necessary for a dance performance.

Students are exposed to communication skills through hosting/audience interaction sessions during Public Showcase sessions.

Students will perform for Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (SYFAP) and take part in the school’s Brillante production biannually.


SYFAP 2017 – Certificate of Accomplishment

SYFAP 2015 – Certificate of Distinction

SYFAP 2013 – Certificate of Distinction