BGSS Drama was formed in 2012. Starting with only 9 members, it has since grown. With the official opening of the Black Box in 2015, the CCA has continued to expand its study of drama as a stagecraft – looking at lighting and sound, props and sets, costumes and make-up, directing and script development, and more.


Enabling life-long learners through the appreciation and mastery of Drama as a creative art form.


To imbue our members with:

  1. sound values through development of self-awareness, and awareness of and sensitivity to real-world Issues;
  2. passion for learning through development of self-discipline and appreciation of dramatic elements, techniques and skills;
  3. confidence to face future challenges through development of leadership and thinking skills and mastery of dramatic elements, techniques and skills.

CCA Teachers

Miss Norhayati Abdul Rahim (IC)

Miss Khairunnisa Bte Abdul Rashid (2IC)

Miss Woo Yan Yan

Mr Peh Jin Bao

Main activities and competitions

  • SYF Arts Presentation (biennial)
  • BGSS Brillante production (biennial)
  • Trinity College Group Devised Drama exam (Grade 6)
  • School events and concerts (e.g. National Day, Chinese New Year)



Trinity College Group Devised Drama exam (Grade 6) – Merit


SYF Arts Presentation – Certificate of Distinction


Trinity College Group Devised Drama exam (Grade 6) – Distinction