The BGSS choir, Vox Brilliance was formed in 2003 and made its debut performance during the school’s Official Opening concert on the 4th of July that year. Vox Brillance has nurtured many batches of budding choral singers over the years. Through the years, the choir has grown musically.


Starting 2015, the choir moved in the direction of expanding their repertoire by learning pop songs and show choir pieces. They had a new challenge ahead of them ­– singing and dancing. Their practices not only included singing exercise, but now also physical training and dance workouts. The members rose up to the challenge and in one month, they filmed their Pharell William’s Happy performance into a music video and even performed it live, which wowed the Secondary 1 juniors at the CCA Fair!

Staying true to their motto, “With passion and hard work, we will shine”, the choir worked hard to overcome their difficulties and together, they received the Certificate of Distinction at the 2015 SYF Arts Presentation.
The BGSS Choir at the 2015 SYF Arts Presentation held at SOTA.


2015 – SYF Central Judging – Distinction
2014 – ABRSM Choral Singing Certification (Intermediate) – Distinction
2013 – ABRSM Choral Singing Certification (Initial) – Distinction
2013 – SYF Central Judging – Distinction
2011 – SYF Central Judging – Silver
2009 – SYF Central Judging – Silver
2007 – SYF Central Judging – Bronze
2005 – SYF Central Judging – Bronze


Special Programmes and Performances

2016 – Brillante VI (BGSS Homegrown Performing Arts Musical Production – Being Quindy Sim)
2015 – Learning Journey to watch The House of Riot!
2015 – Speech Day concert
2014 – Feng Shan Community Centre 49th National Day Dinner Performance
2014 – Speech Day concert
2014 – Brillante V (BGSS Homegrown Performing Arts Musical Production – Brave)
2013 – Learning Journey to watch the Vienna Boys Concert
2013 – Speech Day concert
2013 – Feng Shan Community Centre 48th National Day Dinner Performance
2013 – Values in Action visit to HCC Hospice Care
2012 – Brillante IV (BGSS Homegrown Performing Arts Musical Production – Wally)
2010 – Brillante III
2008 – Brillante II (Public Concert at NTUC Auditorium)
2006 – Brillante (Public Concert at Kallang Theatre)
2006 – National Day Parade Combined Schools Choir
2004 – Potpourri (Public Concert by BGSS Performing Arts Groups)
2003 – School’s Official Opening Concert



The Choir President (2014) leading the students at their warm-ups on SYF day.

Training Schedule
Every Mon & Thu 3.30-6pm