To mould the builders of a safe and secure home.


To develop cadets into a caring and responsible citizens


  • To complement the cadets’ academic education by providing the cadets with healthy group interaction and activities to develop their mental alertness, physical bearing, fitness, discipline and a more rounded personality.
  • To develop in the cadets the qualities of self-reliance, resilience and good character.
  • To inculcate in the cadets a loyalty to the group, corps and state.
  • To imbue in them an awareness of their citizen’s responsibility towards the welfare security of the state and the maintenance of law and order.
  • To prepare the boys for, and to cultivate in them the right attitude towards, National Service.

Main Activities

  • Foot Drills Proficiency
  • Baton Drills Proficiency
  • Campcraft Pioneering Proficiency
  • Revolver Shooting and Proficiency
  • NPCC Annual Parade
  • Adventure and Survival Camp at Pulau Ubin
  • Annual Unit Camp
  • NPCC Service Day
  • Community Safety and Security Programme
  • Police Youth Ambassador Programme
  • Leadership and Mentorship Skills Course

Training Day

  • Every Fridays
  • 3.15 pm to 6.00 pm

*Additional training dates will be given for events organized by HQ NPCC