NCC (Land)

The National Cadet Corps is a world-class organization that nurtures responsible, resilient and resourceful cadets to become successful citizens.

To nurture inspiring leaders and committed citizens through fun, adventurous and military-related activities.

NCC Core Values:

1) Loyalty To Country
2) Uprightness
3) Leadership
4) Discipline
5) Commitment & Responsibility
6) Care For Fellow Cadets
7) Adventurous Spirit
8) Safety

Training Programme 

Day Time Training
Tue 3.30pm - 6pm Precision Drill training
Fri 3pm - 6pm Unit Training

Key Programmes:

Junior Cadets

  • Basic Foot Drill
  • Basic Individual Field Craft
  • Basic Orienteering
  • Basic SAR21 Technical Handling
  • Camp Forge
Senior Cadets

  • Intermediate Individual Field Craft
  • Intermediate Orienteering
  • Camp Steel
Cadet Leaders

  • SAR 21 IMT
  • SAR 21 Trainfire
  • SAR 21 Live Firing
  • Specialists’ Assessment
  • Advanced Individual Field Craft
  • Advanced Foot Drill
  • Leaders’ Camp



  • Precision Drill Competition
  • Freestyle Drill Competition
  • Mini League Competition
  • Orienteering Competition


Year Competition Award
2015 Best Unit Competition Bronze
2014 Precision Drill Competition (National) 5th position
2014 Precision Drill Competition (East District) 2nd position
2014 Best Unit Competition Bronze
2013 Best Unit Competition Bronze
2012 Best Unit Competition Silver
2011 Best Unit Competition Silver
2010 Best Unit Competition Silver
2009 Best Unit Competition Silver
2008 Best Unit Competition Silver
2007 Best Unit Competition Silver


Commanding Officer:
Mr Teng Soon Heng Nigel

Teacher Officers:

Mr Sim Chun Siang
Ms Mary Pai
Mr Christopher Hoan Mow Kin






BGSS Bonding Day @ East Coast Park


BGSS NCC Precision Drill Competition