NCC (Land)


The National Cadet Corps is a world-class organization that nurtures responsible, resilient and resourceful cadets to become successful citizens.



To nurture inspiring leaders and committed citizens through fun, adventurous and military-related activities.


NCC Core Values:


1) Loyalty To Country
2) Uprightness
3) Leadership
4) Discipline
5) Commitment & Responsibility
6) Care For Fellow Cadets
7) Adventurous Spirit
8) Safety


CCA Teachers

Commanding Officer:

Mr Sim Chun Siang


Teacher Officers:

Mr Teng Soon Heng Nigel

Ms Mary Pai

Mr Christopher Hoan Mow Kin


Main activities and competitions

Key Programmes:

Junior Cadets

  • Basic Foot Drill
  • Basic Individual Field Craft
  • Basic Orienteering
  • Basic SAR21 Technical Handling
  • Camp Forge

Senior Cadets

  • Intermediate Individual Field Craft
  • Intermediate Orienteering
  • Camp Steel

Cadet Leaders

  • SAR 21 IMT
  • SAR 21 Trainfire
  • SAR 21 Live Firing
  • Specialists’ Assessment
  • Advanced Individual Field Craft
  • Advanced Foot Drill
  • Leaders’ Camp


  • Precision Drill Competition
  • Freestyle Drill Competition
  • Mini League Competition
  • Orienteering Competition


Year Competition Award
2017 Best Unit Competition  Silver
2016 Precision Drill Competition (National)  Finalist
2016 Best Unit Competition  Bronze
2015 Best Unit Competition Bronze






BGSS Bonding Day @ East Coast Park


BGSS NCC Precision Drill Competition