Learning objectives

  1. To equip in students the basic canoeing skills required for competitive rowing
  2. To facilitate character education through canoeing training sessions
  3. To instil in students values of good sportsmanship and competitiveness so as to achieve their fullest potential in the sport.

Training venue

Bedok Reservoir

CCA Teachers

Mr Lee Kian Hui Gregory (TIC)

Ms Nabila Binte Mukhaidin (2IC)

Ms Sia Wan Qi Jaselyn

Ms Lim Ai Jia, Dawn

Main activities and competitions

CCA programmes

Singapore Canoe Marathon

National Junior Canoeing Championships

National Inter-school Canoeing Championships

Canoeing Camp

Values-In-Action (VIA)

1-Star Kayaking Course

Water Sports Enrichment Activity

Inter-school Friendly Races


Singapore Canoe Marathon 2018

  • U14 Men JK2 12 km (2nd)
  • Damien Cher (S3-C6)
  • Luqmann Hakim (S3-C8)

National Inter-School Canoeing Championships 2017

  • A Div (3rd)
  • C Div (3rd)

National Junior Canoeing Championships 2017

  • C Div (3rd)