CCA Leaders

CCA Leaders


My experience as a student CCA leader has been very enriching. As a student leader of Choir, I play an important role as a leader and a role model. Setting a positive example is one of them. At first, it was really hard for me to do so because I was not the type to be resolute in what I did. Instead, I was more of an idle student. However, I started to realise that my behaviour might affect the choir members' morale as well and so, I stepped up my game as a leader. During choir sessions, the conductor taught us music theories which we had to apply whenever we sang. Whenever the conductor was not around, the student conductor and I had to step up to lead the choir. In such situations, I had to use my knowledge on how to help the choir improve their singing. It was quite challenging for me at first because I was not used to leading the choir musically but the choir members made it easier for me to interact with them and give them instructions. Although our practice sessions are mostly held in an air-conditioned room, I had to make sure the choir members stay hydrated. When the choir members were tired and were low on energy, I tried to exert positive energy to keep them motivated throughout the whole session. It wasn't hard to do that because I was usually the happy pill for my friends. It was a privilege to be able to lead my own CCA although I had no leadership background at first, I have learnt many things throughout my whole journey as the president of choir and it is all thanks to my choir teachers, conductor and especially the choir members. With that, I hope the choir will scale to greater heights and overcome their challenges together as a team.


Anyone can lead a group, but group successes depends a lot on the team members being able to work together as one.

As a leader I have to show compassion and understanding towards my members in and out of the court. The members' well-being are always of my utmost concern. I have to know whether they are comfortable with each other, whether they feel they fit in well with the philosophy of our team. They are not just fellow CCA members, but they are my friends.

In the Basketball CCA I've learned how to cope with losses in Basketball matches and then bouncing back to improve through more practices and training sessions. I enjoy the extra effort my team and I make to practise during our recess regularly with the help of my teacher. We also signed up for extra trainings to improve our skills. As a result, most of the team members have improved tremendously.

I am proud of our team, their tenacity to do well and our togetherness in facing all challenges.

As the captain, I hope that we as a team can keep these values in mind so we can reach greater heights together.


I am Albie, the  Captain of Wushu. I would like to share my experience in the 2019 National School Games Wushu Competition. I was registered for 5 events. However, an accident during training resulted in my knee injury. I was unable to participate in 4 of the events.

My first event was held on the first day of the Wushu competition. It was nerve-racking as there were a lot of competitors from other schools who were better than me. My goal was to get my desired score and do myself proud. However, things did not go as planned. After watching the performance of the other competitors, I started to lose confidence in myself because I felt that I wasn’t good enough and it took a toll in me. In the end, after I performed my routine, I was disappointed with my score but it was still an improvement over last year.

What I have learnt from this experience is that I must have confidence in myself and not get affected by the other competitors.

During my 4 years of Wushu training, I have learnt to be much more resilient and determined in doing everything well as training is very tough but all we need is the motivation to persevere and push through. We aim to try our very best during each training in order for us to improve.

I would like to thank our coach for always guiding us and helping us to improve. He doesn’t give up on us and always pushes us to our limits. I would also like to thank the teachers who always place emphasis on our values.