science frankie


"Science is a way of thinking, much more than it is a body of knowledge.”
Carl Sagan

Just look around you; everything that you see is science. Even how you see, is science. For example, chemical reactions in fluorescent tubes release energy in the form of heat and light. Light rays travel from fluorescent tubes and bounces off tabletops into our eyes. Forces hold the table upright and gravity prevents it from floating. Our eyes detect the light rays and our brain interprets them to form an image of a table. The simple act of looking at a tabletop encompasses all three branches of Science.

Our Curriculum

The process of Inquiry supports all branches of Science – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Inquiry is the act of observing the environment around you, asking questions about what you observe and to go about finding answers to the questions. The Science curriculum aims to ignite the inquiry in our students and light the fire of curiosity within them. Science is not just the learning of knowledge, but the application of knowledge in our daily lives.

Our Enrichment

The Science and Humanities learning journey to Bedok Reservoir Park engages students to apply what they have learnt in Science lessons. Students have to think creatively to design a water filter to separate suspended particles to get clean water from the reservoir. Students are also exposed to different aspects of Science during the Science Authentic Learning Day. Upper Secondary students apply their knowledge and guide Lower Secondary students in discovering more about applications of Physics, Chemistry and Biology in real life.