PE & Outdoor

Physical Education & Outdoor Education

“Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of
their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.”
John F. Kennedy

Bedok Green Physical Education Department aims to develop students’ character and values through Sports and Outdoor Education, and impart in them the knowledge and skills to live a healthy lifestyle.

Our Curriculum

As part of the Physical Education curriculum, students first acquire basic knowledge and fundamental outdoor skills. The syllabus is progressive in nature, allowing students to challenge themselves and enhance their mastery of the outdoor skills as they advance from lower to upper secondary.

At the lower secondary level, the focus is on learning the skills of a variety of sports games. When they progress to upper secondary, they will be taught gameplay tactics and strategies of the sports games previously learnt. Opportunities to apply these skills are made available to students through inter-class and inter-house events such as Sports Day and Sports Fiesta organised by the school. Other events such as Cross Country, Healthy Lifestyle Week, Adaptive Sports Fiesta and the biennial Sports CCA camp also serve as platforms for students to demonstrate and apply what they have learnt in PE lessons. In addition, the students are put through a well-developed Outdoor Education Programme which allows them to enhance their mastery of outdoor skills as they advance from Secondary 1 to Secondary 3.

Our Enrichment

Outdoor Education is the embodiment of joyful learning. In addition to developing the school values of Resilience, Integrity, Compassion and Humility in our students, the curriculum provides an authentic experiential learning experience for students to be adaptable, take risks, and be inventive in their thinking.

We conduct programmes such as Sec 1 Outdoor Experience, Sec 2 Outdoor Adventure Camp (OAC), Sec 3 Outdoor Adventure Race (OAR) and Sec 3 MOE-OBS Challenge Programme. Sec 1 Outdoor Experience introduces challenge by choice through abseiling and rock climbing. Students develop confidence, control and trust as they make their way down the abseil face and up the rock wall. Sec 2 OAC is a culmination of the outdoor skills that the students have learnt. Sec 3 OAR is a platform for students to compete with their outdoor skills. Finally, the Secondary 3 students participates in the MOE-OBS Challenge Programme, in which our students are fully equipped to cope with the rigours of OBS as well as enjoy an authentic experience out of classroom.