“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.”
Steve Jobs

Design & Technology

Design is a word that we come across quite often when we think about architecture, sculpture, furniture, art, and even consumer products. But what is design and what exactly are the processes involved in design?

Our Curriculum

If you are interested in improving current products in the market or in the thinking behind design or even in the use of technology to help make our lives a little easier, then Design & Technology (D&T) is the subject for you.

You will learn more about the current technology and be introduced to processes that will help you make informed decisions when solving problems. You will also be introduced to techniques that will help you to communicate your design thoughts to others.

D&T equips you with the knowledge and also with the skills needed to solve all types of problems.

Our Enrichment

Have you ever wanted to produce and sell your creations using your original designs in a real market platform? In Design and Technology, students are provided with the opportunity to participate in the Make and Sell workshop, with Design Rete. Students are exposed to diverse creative thinking and design skills like sketching, ideation methods, cardboard/foam prototyping and presentation techniques Students are therefore able to actualise their designs from paper to functional products.

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison.”
Ann Wingmore

Nutrition and Food Science

Think of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, plant and animal lean proteins. Compare them with frozen food, deep fried food, ready-to-eat food and fast food. Which do you think will slowly poison you? Eating healthy does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of the various, delicious food options. There is little or no harm in consuming a little bit of everything. Once again, portion control is the key. Hence, knowledge is important for you to make the informed decisions when choosing food that is beneficial for your body and also when you prepare meals for your loved ones.

Our Curriculum

Did you know that a guava is a higher source of vitamin C than an orange? Many people think otherwise. In this subject, we will uncover the different types of nutrients in food. Additionally, we will explore how eating too much or too little of certain types of nutrients can have an effect on us. If you have been inspired by famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver, then the subject is for you. The subject covers the different basic elements of culinary skills. For example, you will get to know why raw eggs solidify when heat is applied.  In Nutrition and Food Science, you will better understand the reactions that take place when cooking food.

Our Enrichment

Are you keen to make dishes such as meringues, pies and pizzas? Do you want to learn the art of culinary skills and food science from professional chefs? Our Elective Modules will provide you the opportunity to do so. You will not only learn about food and nutrition, but we will also provide you the basic knowledge of money management. You will learn to be more financially savvy through interactive games and rich discussions during the financial literacy workshops.