Art & Music

Aesthetics: Art and Music

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”

The existence of Art is to challenge and grow us as individuals. Art is an exploration and expression of inner truth. In Bedok Green Secondary School, our Aesthetics programme will create purposeful learning experiences for you to explore various themes to discover more about yourself.

Our Curriculum

Imagination + Confidence + Curiosity + Innovation - FEAR= artists who have the courage to express and learn in an environment that brings joy and in turn encourage others to dare the impossible.  Through exploration, experimentation and active discourse on themes, our Aesthetics programmes encourage you to try different mediums, see different perspectives and live through different experiences.

Our Enrichment

Our Museum Learning Journey is carefully curated to ensure your eyes are kept peeled for more. You will even have the opportunity to be a curator in our very own exhibition in school. For those who would like to share their artwork, there are multiple platforms to showcase them through competitions and exhibitions. Our Aesthetics programme is more than just the exploration of the visual and performing arts. It allows the students to question and be engaged in global issues and serves as a platform for students to express and channel their thoughts and views.