Principal's Message

Let me wish all parents a Happy New Year. And to the parents of our Sec One students, welcome to the BGSS Family!

As we embark on a New Year, making resolutions is often part and parcel of what we do to start on a good footing. Similarly, we want to work with your children to set good targets for themselves to work towards, not just for this year, not just for the 4/5 years they would be students here in BGSS, but for their life. What will keep them going to persevere through the daily grind of revision, homework, tests and finally examinations is resilience and grit. This is true as well for all the other challenges they would face, be in their CCA, in their relationships or in their personal development. It is human nature to overly focus on the big, major events in our lives, such as the examinations, but it is easy to forget that how we overcome such major obstacles in life is using the skills that we have built up through the day-to-day efforts we put in. And just as important, the day-to-day practice of putting in hard work in itself also trains our ability to keep striving when the going gets tough. Resilience is the first of the school values, and I hope that this most fundamental value is something that we work together with you to develop in your child. This serves as a strong foundation to develop Integrity, Compassion and Humility, the RICH school values, so that they gain the confidence to Believe in themselves, and GROW to their fullest potential.

Mr Lim Yu Kee

Mr Lim Yu Kee