Vision and Mission:

A Determined and Disciplined Team that has Fun together

Training schedule

3.30pm – 6.00pm

3.30pm – 6.00pm

Training venue:

Basketball Court (Boys) and Parade Square (Girls)

Key programmes:

  • Dragonboat Team Bonding
  • Tnet, B and C Division Basketball Tournaments
  • Shotzone Basketball Experience
  • Singapore Slingers Match
  • Bonding and Leadership Camps
  • VIA projects with Singapore Disability Sports Council


  • 2016 East Zone B’ Division Boys Runner-Ups
  • 2017 T-Net 3rd Tier C’ Division Girls Runner-Ups
  • 2017 T-Net 2nd Tier B’ Division Boys 3rd position

Teachers in charge

Mr Andy Chua (OIC)
Mr Prabhu (2IC)
Mr David Lim
Mdm Ram Pyaree


BGSS Basketball