Every member in ODAC should be physically educated with the right values, skills and attitudes to enjoy outdoor activities and to enjoy an active and fulfilling life through various outdoor activities.


  1. To develop and maintain physical, mental and social health & fitness through regular participation
  2. To help students enjoy participating in various outdoor activities


ODAC Training Days

Training Day: Thursdays 3.30pm-6.00pm
Venue: In school or out of school (depending on activity)
Training Programme: Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Orienteering practice, Campcraft.

Key Programmes:

  • Skills Training – Campcraft, Teambuilding, Physical Training
  • Water Sports - Kayaking, Dragonboating, SUP
  • Adventure activities - Rock Climbing, High Elements, Caving
  • Others - Day Cycling, Night Cycling, Orienteering/Trekking
  • Competitions: Adventure racesAdventure Education

ODAC Teachers in charge

Ng Ghim Hong Vincent
Kuah Peng Yan
Lee-Goh Chui Ting
Yap Chat Lam